Maciej Bliziński holding a Fender Precision bass looking to the left with attention.

Maciej (pron. MATCH-ek) Bliziński is an electric bass player based in Dublin, Ireland. Maciej specializes in jazz, and a number styles of Brazilian music: bossa nova, samba, and chorinho. Maciej also plays nylon string and electric guitars, produces music recordings, and develops own music software.

Maciej grew up in a musical family in Warsaw, Poland. Maciej’s earliest musical influences are George Duke, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Antônio Carlos Jobim, and João Gilberto. Some of Maciej’s bass influences are James Jamerson, Ron Carter, Stuart Zender, and Nathan East.

Maciej picked up his father’s electric guitar at 19. In the early 2000s, Maciej led Funksters, an acid jazz band. After the move to Dublin, Maciej taught himself to play electric bass. Since 2013, Maciej co-organizes and plays at the weekly Dublin Jazz Jam Session. Since 2022, Maciej fills the bass seat at ensemble classes in Dublin College University.

As of autumn 2022, Maciej participates in several music projects, plays regularly at the jazz jam session, works on own arrangements of bossa nova classics, and organizes weekly music making sessions.


Cover: Triste (Antonio Carlos Jobim)


Cover: Estate (Bruno Martino)


Original: Ocean

Original: Burza

Cover: Butterfly (Herbie Hancock)

Notable performances

At Magy’s Farm, October 2022

…with Gediminas Karkauskas and Riccardo Marenghi.

Gustavo de Morais Quintet

Gustavo de Morais Quintet, music of Antônio Carlos Jobim, at The Dublin Jazz Co-Op, 2022

Chega de Saudade


One Note Samba

Supertonic Orchestra, Dublin, August 2019

with the Supertonic Orchestra

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at a recording session

at a corporate event

at the Dublin Jazz Jam Session

Press coverage

The Irish Times, Fri Aug 11 2017

Dublin Jazz Jam Session

Grand Social, Dublin, Monday August 14th,8pm, Adm free

Italian bassist Marco Santaroni was the original founder of these internationally flavoured sessions at the Grand Social, but he has been joined by US-born drummer Chris Hokamp and Polish bassist Maciej Blizinski in bashing this weekly open jam into shape. All musicians are welcome, but they do expect you to have a basic grasp of your instrument and a few jazz standards up our sleeve.


Jazz Strangers, 2017

A new ensemble sets sail this February 2017 and you are invited to the maiden voyage.

  • Danny Groenland - vocals, flute, guitar, percussion
  • Marco Francescangelli - Saxophone
  • Josh Johnston - piano, vocal
  • Maciej Bliziński - bass
  • Chris Hokamp - drums, percussion

People are strange. Love is strange. To some, jazz is strange. When you’re a stranger.

Comprising seasoned musicians from ireland and across Europe and America, The Jazz Strangers convened for a one-off gig in October 2016 and enjoyed the experience so much they decided they would like to do it again. Performing a mixture of standards, original compositions and other favourites (we’ve covered most bases there), the evening promises to be fun and tuneful and a great way to wake up the New Year!!!

We hope you will join us.

11 Feb. 2017


Upcoming performances

Weekly Dublin Jazz Jam Session – multiple dates, in the International Bar and The Bohemian in Dublin. Event dates at

Past performances

Bydgoszcz Jazz Festival – 28 October 2022, Bydgoszcz, Poland, with Kasia Eliasz Quintet:

Magy’s Farm – 15 October 2022, Magy’s Farm, Northern Ireland, with Gediminas Kakauskas and Riccardo Marenghi.

first published on 2022-09-05, last update 2023-01-13